Rodney Kawano Farms


Rodney Kawano, owner and 3rd generation farmer in Southern California, secured several acres of land in Oceanside and Vista. Using rich fertilizers and organic minerals, Rodney and his family grow the sweetest and tastiest produce showcasing how delicious nature can be. Although not a certified organic farm, Rodney knows the importance of adding organic minerals to the soil as minerals enhance the flavors of the crop to yield the best possible produce. Once you try this exceptional produce, you’ll be convinced that Rodney Kawano Farms is superior in flavor, freshness and quality.

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Mountain Meadow Mushrooms


Our company was established in 1952 and has been responsible for providing outstanding service and mushrooms ever since. Our regular customers particularly value our price, quality and service. We are also certified Organic.

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Three Sons Farms


Indian Summer Farms

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We are a small family farm in Ramona California. My wife and I, and our three sons, started our farm in 2013. We sell fresh farm eggs and broiler chickens. In addition, we will soon be producing hydroponic produce.

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One of our favorite farmers, Indian Summer Farms is a small farm located in Escondido California. With a focus on living soils and organic goods.